Play Based Learning

At Happy Munchkins we believe children learn best through play and exploration. We incorporate that thought process into our daily lesson plans. Instead of sitting a child down and forcing them to learn information such as colors, letters and numbers by completing countless worksheets and tracings, we let them play. Learning colors is often done while building towers with our colorful blocks. Letters are much more fun to learn when they are read in a new book. We also incorporate important life skills such as sharing and manners.



Our lesson plans are made on site and customized to each child's needs by Miss Alison and are based in part on the goals set forth by Delaware STARS. Every month a theme is created and is incorporated into the day. Popular previous themes have been "Under the sea", "Zoo Animals", and "The 4 seasons". Our theme includes projects that reflect the idea, songs, and ASL signs. Because our lesson plans are made on site, we are able to customize them to meet each child's needs, focusing on the skills they need help with.




Happy Munchkins

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